Technical Requirement:

1. Candidate needs to have computer with minimum configuration as [Intel Celeron processor / 2 GB RAM / 80 GB HDD]
2. Candidate needs to have any of the browsers out of IE 9.0 onwards / Firefox 23.0 onwards / Google Chrome 45.0 onwards
3. As soon as you 'Sign In' the test 'popup' window opens in your system. In case your system do not allow to open up 'popup' window. Please follow the procedure to enable the popup window
click on your respective browser.
a) Firefox    b) Google Chrome    b) Internet Explorer
5. Candidate needs to have internet connectivity of minimum 1 MBPS / 3G for smooth functioning of the ongoing test.

Instruction for online TEST :

1. There will be 50 questions to be completed in 60 minutes time. The test consists of 4 sections as per below sequence:
Section 1 : Analytical & Logical Reasoning And Mathematics : 20 Questions
Section 3 : English : 10 Questions
Section 2 : General Knowledge : 10 Questions
Section 4 : Computer (OS, internet and MS Office) : 10 Questions

2. There is no Negative Marking. Attempting all questions is compulsory.
3. Question paper will be generated section wise as per above sequence with random question generator method and purely of MCQ type.
4. After completion of a section, there will be a ‘NEXT’ button which leads to second section. Going ‘BACK’ to the attempted section is not allowed.
5. After completion of all four sections there will be a ‘SUBMIT’ button. It is compulsory to submit the test in any case before you Log out of the system. After 1 hr. the test will be submitted automatically and If you close the window in between the test it will be submitted immediately & you will not be able to complete the remaining part of the test
8. Server timing displayed on top of the page will be considered as final.
9. For any IT queries please contact :+91 9979896677 (from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
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